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Marching Band Batons and Maces

Drum Major Batons and Maces

Batons and Maces
Baton and Mace Accessories
Mace Case


Majorette Batons

Majorette Batons
Baton Accessories



Drum Major Batons and Maces Go to Top

Drum Major Batons and Maces

Each Drum Major Baton comes wrapped with the cord of your choice - red, white, purple, maroon, black, royal blue, gold, kelly green or orange


  1. Elite Military Signal Baton - 45" long

  3. Elite Military Signal Baton - 49" long

  5. All American Mace - 58" long


  6. Traditional Drum Major Baton - 38" long

  8. Traditional Drum Major Baton - 41" long

  10. SuperFlex - 38" long


Baton and Mace Accessories Go to Top

Baton Replacement Cords   Mace Chain, Dome and Tips


Mace Case Go to Top

Mace Case


Majorette Starline Batons Go to Top

Majorette Starline Batons         

  1. Super Star Batons

  3. Venus Baton

  5. Lite Star Baton

  7. Starlet Baton


  8. Twirl Star with Swivel Tube Twirling Baton


Majorette Baton Accessories Go to Top


Flags for Swivel Tubes    

  d.Majorette Baton Student Case     

 e. Majorette Baton Sparkle Case

a. Nylon Flags for Swivel Tube

b. Metallic Silver Flag for Swivel Tube

c. Sheer Flag for Swivel Tube

d. Student Case (large)

e. Sparkle Case (large)

f. Sparkle Case Straps (not shown)